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We welcome submissions from all women who write poetry.  Our digital journal is published on our website bi-annually and has included work from experienced poets and those who are writing for the first time.  Each issue carries a theme related in some way to womanhood and chosen to provoke a diverse range of poetic responses.  Guest Editors often curate chapters for poems making use of a particular form. You can follow us on Instagram @bloodmoonpoetrypress to join our growing community of poets, editors and guest contributors to the journal.


from blood moon POETRY

issue 4



This issue is dedicated to the women & girls of Ukraine.  Published during the height of Russia's invasion, we asked contributors to submit work that delved beneath their exterior womanhood. Finding the hidden story within, celebrating what it means to rise rooted in our power.  In support of International Women's Day 2022 and their theme #breakthebias, because to live in an equal world means respecting others' stories; to do that, we must first honour our own.  To donate

cover illustration by Beckie Upton

issue 3

foward / motion


Our summer issue is about the journey onward. The moon cycles through her phases and as women our hearts, minds and bodies are ruled by the constant motion of transformation.  Released when the world was on the brink of reopening, the poems collected here are honest and moving accounts of what it means to be a woman on the move.  Including a Surrealist chapter curated by A.I.Firefly.

Cover illustration by Sarah Mather


issue 2

[in] bloom


A spring issue and the celebration of change.  Fresh horizons, plunging into newness, brave steps onward.  As women, we know and embrace the power in transformation.  The poems we published in this issue brought new voices and fresh perspectives blooming on the page.

Cover illustration by Sophia Crumback-Tarrien


issue 1 

new moon


The first issue of our digital journal and a new moon illuminating the words of women.  In the darkest months of winter we asked our poets to consider new experiences or versions of themselves.  A new moon brings an energy unlike any other lunar moment and this issue marked the start of our journey as an exciting new indie publisher.

Cover illustration by JJR

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