Alongside | Alice Day @alice_day84

Updated: Feb 24

We sit across from one another

Seemingly worlds apart

Planets that slip and slide

On an axis removed from me or you

And as we spin

Turning circles around ourselves

Like ballet dancers

Performing the perfect pirouette

I see you

I see your creases and your folds

Your wounds and your scars

The pain you wear like an armadillo armour

The softness underneath when you smile

And show me your bare tummy

Your eyes asking me to tickle gently

Don't probe

Like the others

And as we sit across from one another

you and I

I see the strength in your laugh

And the longing in your heart

For I know it too

I don't know what it is like to be you

But I know what it is like to be me

As my adolescent self reaches out across the room

And invisibly takes your hand

I am amazed by your courage

Your fierceness

Your grace

And the girl I was sits alongside you

And listens

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