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Updated: Feb 24

I have no interest in being small

I will not be rude, but I will be bold.

This world cannot categorise me.

I am female. I am a daughter, sister, wife.

A friend you may not see for years,

But will loyally defend you til the end.

You made me a mother.

I will fiercely protect you.

I have no doubt that you will move mountains.

We will raise you to move mountains.

This world can be dark and cruel,

But it is yours for the taking.

Oh my sweet babe, so many things I wish for you.

We will never ask you to be small.

We will guide you as you grow to spread your wings.

With heavy, joyous hearts we will watch you go,

Only hoping one thing for you.

Whatever you do, wherever you go,

Do not tread lightly my love.

Leave your mark.

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