the moon, she is... | a community list poem

Updated: Feb 24

a guiding light

a love poem

my nighttime companion

shapeshifting confidant

collector of dreams

light in darkness

midnight's beating heart

myself: aglow

luminous; evocative; eternal

my secret admirer

awaiting my gaze serenity

such magnetic magic

my guiding light


ethereal midnight lantern

midnight solace

peace and love

wisdom to come

illuminating my soul

my twilight lullaby

humanity's muse

pulling us closer

radiant through fog

an unpaid caretaker

preponderant pearl

night goddess incarnate

world going 'round

the stars humming

constant and unforgettable

eternally graceful face

grief's only friend

satellite glow

harbinger, reflection, ferocity

beloved celestial lucifer

incandescence incarnate

lighting our labors

bold, but gentle

a silvery queen

winged migration guide

darkness/light entwined

luminous cyclical elixir

altar of prayers

reassuringly ever shifting

older than earth

a graceful queen

observer, learner, guardian

hope amidst turmoil

eternity's night light

our immortal mother

who I became

armour in darkness

kapellmeister of crickets

sunlight's song transmuted

womb tide's promise

my only light

a living phase

my miraculous mate

my constant strength

secretive, half hidden

my illuminated friend

the night goddess

custodian of dreams

the sky's chandelier

my one constant

vivacious midnight vigil

keeper of tides

new moon ox

tainted, yet divine

written by poets in our Instagram community, who each contributed one line of three words to this list poem:







































































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