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blood moon POETRY
    for poetry written by women

We are a small feminist press specialising in works by female poets and authors.  Find out more..


Our bi-annual digital journal features work submitted by women and illustrators from all over the world. 


We accept poetry submissions to our digital journal and manuscripts for print consideration.  


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“...reading these poems is the first time I have felt like myself again, and I’ll tell you why. Because pain and disability are powerfully complex things, it is so rare for them to be granted the space and understanding they deserve. It feels, so often, that those who live only in the kingdom of the well cannot travel between worlds, cannot reach us, cannot cross the chasm of understanding. But there is a way to reach out across that divide, to make ourselves understood and seen and real, and that is through art, and through writing.” 

Lucia Osborne-Crowley

journalist and author of I Choose Elena and My Body Keeps Your Secrets

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