Trigger Warning

"In this anthology, the voices of women come alive as they share their darkest moments with you. The weight they’ve carried with them is transferred through the text..It feels as if you’re alone with each woman writing the poem, sitting opposite them sipping a cup of tea, or a glass of wine as they tell you what happened.  As the name suggests, Trigger Warning is not a light read, however, it is essential reading. Stories to hold close and use as fuel for future progress"

Katrina Mirpuri

Journalist @katrinamirpuri

All proceeds donated to Rape Crisis England & Wales

Also available at Black & Beech​ and book haus: Bristol

Cover illustration by Kerry Squires


Silver Hare Tales

"From the unearthing of heritage to sensuous evocations of the natural world, here are poems rich with the striking image, keenly interleaving absence and presence. In her debut collection, Lauren Thomas showcases emotional complexity, sonic facility, and a genuine gift for transporting the reader.  Silver Hare Tales introduces an exciting new poet."

Kathryn Gray

Former Editor of New Wales Review

Also available at Black & Beech

Cover illustration by Maja Trolle


This Skin I'm In

"Every piece [in this book] feels like a time capsule of emotion, locked in and left in its most raw state. What a talent it is, to tap into yourself throughout the years, when most of us bury our past incarnations. I can’t wait to share this collection with the survivors in my life, it’s a hand-squeeze of a book - it’s saying ‘hey, I’ve been there too'"

Chloe Grace Laws  

Founder @fgrlsclub
Glamour Magazine Social Media Director

Also available at Black & Beech

Cover illustration by Abbie Laura Smith


Faces of Womanhood

What started out as a collaboration on Instagram in celebration of International Women's Day 2021 soon went viral and, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of poems submitted, we selected the 50 that would become our first print anthology as a small indie publisher. 

"The interpretations by each poet of contemporary womanhood are as varied as they are fascinating.  Prepare to be moved, challenged and set free by the searing honesty of these female poets."

Rachel Walker Mason BCAa  

Multi Award Winning Songwriter
Woman of the Year 2020

Author of Amazon Bestseller 'Not The Only One'

All proceeds donated to Womankind Worldwide and Afghan Women for Women - because all women are our women.

Also available at Black & Beech

Cover illustration by Sifa Mustafa @sifamustafadraws

Bleed Between The Lines is a collection of original period poetry written by Stephanie Farrell Moore.

Stephanie is a Scottish actor, voice over artist and writer with 18 years' worth of experience in theatre, television, narration, radio plays, audiobooks, animation and video games.  Her performance poetry reflects all aspects of womanhood including identity, desire and creativity.

Her debut collection explores the power of the menstrual cycle.  Currently training with the Red School, Stephanie writes on her deepening cycle knowledge and awareness.  This collection of poems seeks to start a conversation around what it means for women to reclaim their power and live in harmony with their cycles.

Each chapter - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn - overflowing with the strength, intuition and liberation that comes when women listen to their bodies and turn inward toward menstruation.

Coming Summer 2022

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