Faces of Womanhood

What started out as a collaboration on Instagram in celebration of International Women's Day 2021 soon went viral and, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of poems submitted, we selected the 50 that would become our first print anthology as a small indie publisher.  You will find in its pages a collection of poems written by women who were asked to share what they thought the face of womanhood looked like for them.  Their words weave in stories and struggles that have spanned decades yet sadly, remain as relevant as ever. Faces of Womanhood is a shout in the dark and the start of a broader conversation about what it means to be a woman today and every day.

All proceeds donated to Womankind Worldwide and Afghan Women for Women - because all women are our women.

Cover illustration by Sifa Mustafa 

www.sifamustafa.com @sifamustafadraws

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from blood moon POETRY


Ebony Gilbert

this skin i'm in

Ebony writes with a kind of sincerity that hurts and heals.  Her poetry is an excavation of the body and mind, a scratching of the skin to expose the emotions we conceal from the world and ourselves.  With a blend of edginess and vulnerability she delivers a delicate crack to the sternum, shining a light on the beating heart within.  She writes what she feels.  Her poems are selfies and this skin I'm in promises nothing short of the unvarnished truth of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.  Unprocessed.  No makeup.  No filter.